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 भारत बनाम पाकिस्तान - लाइव क्रिकेट कमेंट्री हिंदी में - आईसीसी पुरुष टी20 विश्व कप

Today's live streams

24 October, Sunday :  India vs Pakistan 7:30PM Dubai

24 October, Sunday : Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 3:30PM, Sharjah

INDIA vs PAKISTAN 4th Match of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021. Tune in and follow the match on THE DOOSRA SHOW. Here's a look at the full schedule of the Super 12 stages of the tournament: 24 October, Sunday: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 3:30PM, Sharjah 24 October, Sunday: India vs Pakistan 7:30PM Dubai 25 October, Monday: Afghanistan vs Scotland 7:30PM Sharjah 26 October, Tuesday: South Africa vs West Indies 3:30PM Dubai 26 October, Tuesday: Pakistan vs New Zealand - 7:30 PM Sharjah 27 October, Wednesday: England vs Bangladesh - 3:30PM, Abu Dhabi 27 October, Wednesday: Scotland vs Namibia - 7:30PM, Abu Dhabi 28 October, Thursday: Australia vs Sri Lanka 7:30PM, Dubai 29 October, Friday: West Indies vs Bangladesh 3:30PM, Sharjah 29 October, Friday: Afghanistan vs Pakistan 7:30PM, Dubai 30 October, Saturday: South Africa vs Sri Lanka 3:30PM, Sharjah 30 October, Saturday: England vs Australia - 7:30PM, Dubai 31 October, Sunday: Afghanistan vs Namibia - 3:30PM, Abu Dhabi 31 October, Sunday: India vs New Zealand - 7:30PM, Dubai 1 November, Monday: England vs Sri Lanka - 7:30PM, Sharjah 2 November, Tuesday: South Africa vs Bangladesh - 3:30PM, Abu Dhabi 2 November, Tuesday: Pakistan vs Namibia - 7:30PM, Abu Dhabi 3 November, Wednesday: New Zealand vs Scotland- 3:30PM, Dubai 3 November, Wednesday: India vs Afghanistan 7:30PM Abu Dhabi 4 November, Thursday: Australia vs Bangladesh 3:30PM Dubai 4 November, Thursday: West Indies vs Sri Lanka 7:30PM Abu Dhabi 5 November, Friday: New Zealand vs Namibia 3:30PM Sharjah 5 November, Friday: India vs Scotland 7:30PM Dubai 6 November, Saturday: Australia vs West Indies 7:30PM Abu Dhabi 6 November, Saturday: England vs South Africa 7:30PM Sharjah 7 November, Sunday: New Zealand vs Afghanistan - 3:30PM, Abu Dhabi 7 November, Sunday: Pakistan vs Scotland 7:30PM Sharjah 8 November, Monday: India vs Namibia - 7:30PM, Dubai